It won!

Big bald one, bottom rightWow, what an evening.

I had been at the MEX conference during the day, and the breadth of people there, from all over the world, was exhilarating. It is strange to work in such a niche business, practising arcane arts that have an impact on so many people’s lives, yet there are very few places where we can sit down together and chew the fat.

Then Em turned up and we were the first ones in. It’s odd, but although I’d been working on projects that have won awards, I have never been up for one personally before. I was really nervous.

Then everyone else piled in, and things kicked off. The Blind Phone was firstly up for the Freelance section, and when it lost to Cloudaware, I started packing up my stuff. I couldn’t see how I could win the top prize if I hadn’t won my section. Anyway I was up against TapTu and MyView I was a bit dejected it must be said – especially after the interview with Reuters making the whole thing seem possible.

Then they announced it and it all went a bit blurry. There was a rambling thankyou and a lot of back patting. Marek and Mike Grenville were really lovely, and the next hour or so disappeared in a whirl of handshaking and chats.

Well. This is kind of the start.


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